I am proud to serve western Massachusetts on the Governor’s Council and hope to continue to provide updates on the work I am doing in this role. I was sworn in on Jan. 5 during the governor’s inaugural ceremony at the State House. With a new administration taking the reins, there’s work being done to staff up and restart the nomination process for judicial postings. In the meantime, the Governor’s Council has met twice to confirm new notaries public, justices of the peace, and approve several billion dollars in state treasury warrants. Additionally, as constitutionally required, I have attended the swearing-in ceremonies of several state representatives, as well as our new attorney general and state auditor.

While serving in District 8, I have done the following:

■ Visited courthouses in Franklin, Hampshire, Berkshire and Hampden counties, meeting with clerk magistrates, assistant clerks, staff and judges, observing courtroom proceedings, and touring facilities. In Boston, I observed the Supreme Judicial Court in session, and met staff and toured the facility.

■ Met with Bar Associations in Berkshire and Hampshire counties, with plans to meet with the Bar Associations in the other counties soon. Joined community conversations in Berkshire and Hampden counties surrounding issues relating to access to justice and aspects of our judicial system, as well as with community leaders and service organizations including the No Longer 3/5 Coalition and the Williamstown Rotary.

■ Scheduled visits to correctional facilities across western Massachusetts, and to the parole board to observe life parole hearings and other proceedings.

■ Advocated for western Massachusetts equity, awareness, and inclusion consistently and persistently with our governor, lieutenant governor, and legislation. Advocated in support for a bill, HD.3521, to “Clarify the Governor’s Council on the Ballot,” a needed measure to help increase awareness and transparency surrounding the Governor’s Council.

I plan to continue to visit, tour, observe and listen across western Massachusetts community organizations and across our judicial system to ensure I do the best job I can serving you on the Governor’s Council. And, I will continue to do my part to deliver transparency and raise awareness about the work I am doing as your representative on the Governor’s Council.

Councilor Tara Jacobs, Governor’s Council District 8

North Adams

This article was originally published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette on February 16, 2003 : Link to original article: https://www.gazettenet.com/my-turn-Jacobs-Serving-Western-MA-on-the-Governor-s-Council-49963691