For many decades, no Berkshire County resident has served as the District 8 representative on the Governor’s Council.

A vote for Tara Jacobs, from North Adams, in the upcoming Democratic primary will help to bring a voice from the Berkshires directly to the Statehouse. The Governor’s Council performs “advice and consent” functions in state government, similar to the U.S. Senate, such as confirming the nominations of judges, clerk magistrates, members of the parole board and justices of the peace. They also advocate for their districts in the Statehouse via weekly direct interaction with the governor and lieutenant governor and their proximity to the Legislature.

Tara Jacobs’ years of experience on the North Adams School Committee and the Trustees of the Public Library have shown that she has an outstanding ability to determine the qualifications of nominees to important leadership posts. Her history of advocacy on Beacon Hill and her work as the chair of the Democratic City Committee have allowed her to forge productive relationships with legislative, executive and community leaders across the commonwealth.

Ms. Jacobs has been an advocate for public schools, libraries, women’s rights and good government both locally in Western Massachusetts and in Boston. She will provide a community-based voice for all of Council District 8 and bring transparency and accountability to this very important process.

Please vote for Tara Jacobs for Governor’s Council in the Democratic primary on Sept. 6.

Suzanne Graver, Williamstown

This letter was originally published in the Berkshire Eagle on July 22, 2022: